Mark van Leeuwen
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Cadillac x Stroke

In May 2018, I was commissioned to take part in a project at Stroke® Art Fair and headed over to Munich, Germany. For this event I designed and painted this mural at the stand of Cadillac Europe.

One of the themes at the Cadillac stand at the art fair for 2018 was hand lettering, so I had the job to come up with a mural design that would only, or primarily make use of this art form and would be based around the city of New York. We came up with a variety of phrases and words that relate to the city, ranging from locations, common sayings, names or song lyrics. I then played them all out on the wall within the shape of a simplified New York City skyline, which is one of the city’s most famous and recognisable in the world.

Year: 2018
Location: Munich, Germany
Client: Cadillac
Event: Stroke Art Fair

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Cadillac Europe X Stroke Art Fair press release here