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Joaquín González

Joaquín González

Joaquín González is a wedding photographer based in  Asturias, in the north of Spain.

He has been in the business for several years now, and he came to realise he needed some new branding to represent him and his work. The client already had a logo for his business, but he wasn’t particularly satisfied with it because he felt it didn’t really reflect the style of his photographs.

Client: Joaquín Gonzalez
Year: 2016



So Joaquín gave me the task to provide him with a fresh design that would transmit his values to the customers: positivity, love, closeness of the married couples. He had the specific request for the logo to be timeless. A logo that would always represent him, regardless of how the design trends will change in the future, as this was the case with his previous brand identity.




Now that all the requirements were mentioned, it was time for me to start sketching and gathering some ideas for the design.

An immediate thought was to avoid using bold and blocky typography, it would recall the wrong time of emotions and would seem to dominant and aggressive in this case. The best choice would undoubtedly be script lettering. This style of typography is often associated to happiness and joy, and would help to revoke the positive feelings from a wedding.


Photo 11-01-2017, 18 23 41.jpg


Legibility was an important factor to keep in mind: the typography had to be kept simple and clear. For this reason, mono-width script was the best option to go with, as it’s legible at various different sizes.

The gentle cursive letterforms are also a symbol of elegance, perfectly matching with the environment at a typical wedding.




A minimal but crucial touch was to make the corners and ends of the letters smooth and curved. This makes the design look more warm and alive, as opposed to having a rigid, firm and cold aspect.




At this point, there was still something missing. Both the client and I felt that the design was lacking interaction between its components.

Joaquín expressed how important it was to make the logo represent the bond between couples. To tackle this problem, the layout of the design needed to be changed: moving from horizontal to vertical positioning of the words.

This move gives the opportunity for the two words to interact more, as they are placed closer to each other. The only point of contact between name and surname, is where the initials overlap. The words were already very close and condensed, so it was necessary to avoid any other kind of ligature to make sure that legibility and clarity wouldn’t be compromised, as those are to very important factors for the efficiency of a logo design.




The two initials are communicating, they were made to look like they embrace one another. Both the “J” and “G” were modified to have an elliptical shape, and are resembling two wedding rings, which symbolise the bond between wife and husband.




The moderation of the ligatures made it possible to keep both layouts of the design (horizontal and vertical), that could both be used for different purposes, while keeping consistency throughout the two designs.


Photo 11-01-2017, 18 23 36.jpg


We also explored the option of having a small monogram logo, or a symbol. Again, to favour consistency, the best option was just to separate the two linked initials from the rest of the design.

This variation would be suitable for when the logo’d need to be made small and the main design would be too complex. For example a watermark on the client’s photos.




The final step was to create some versions of the logo with the added text of “photography” and “wedding photography”.  Simple sans serif typography did the job perfectly, without taking the attention away from the name.