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Matt Cherubino

Matt Cherubino

Matthew Cherubino is a young aspiring travel and lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

He came to me because he was in need of a fresh branding, as in a logo design that would strongly connect with his work while being aesthetically pleasing as well. That being said, the goal for the project was to create a simple and clean design that would be able to reflect the client’s work.

Just like Matt’s photographs have the purpose, not just to capture an instant, but to tell the story behind the image, the logo had to give an insight into Matt’s personality and style. ‘Humble‘, ‘energetic‘ and ‘passionate‘ are the three words that he would use to describe himself.

Client: Matthew Cherubino
Year: 2015



It became soon clear in the process, after exploring a few different directions, that the most suitable style to meet all the requirements was script typography: slightly vintage but at the same modern and sharp looking. The simplicity of the design projects Matt’s humble mindset, no need of any crazy flourishes or ornaments to create something that stands out, in all it’s boldness.




Of course it was necessary to adapt the logo for different purposes and on different media, so there came the need of putting together a version with the words stacked on top of each other, and a basic one with the first name connecting to the surname nicely.




For the same reason I got to create a little monogram as well. The rather peculiar shape of the M was given by our willing to reflect Matt’s strong passion for surfing the sea waves and climbing the mountains. Consistency is a very key element in Branding, so that is why we intensely focused on following the same style in all the variations of the logo we ended up creating.